Tuesday, July 28, 2009

School is Coming!

I always know when I'm ready to return to school:

I begin to notice children in the stores and how cute they are. I talk them and ask what grade they are in and what school they attend. We are both usually in the back to school section looking at all the new school supplies. There is nothing better than new pencils and pens and folders to get "kids" (That's teachers, too.) ready for the new year.

I start looking at the school website to see any changes in the Houston ISD curriculum for the new year and searching the web for any new ways to teach that curriculum.

I am more anxious to read the books I brought home for the summer. Learning vocabulary is very important for my students to succeed and I want to find all the words I think they will need to comprehend what they are reading.

I love teaching school! I love the kids. I love science and reading and social studies. I love to model the awe I have for nature and our earth. I do not love state testing.

Let the fun begin!

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