Monday, March 11, 2013


        I got near the end of February and had not done my donation project for the month! I decided to make a hat since I could make it quickly. After that I couldn't stop. I made several others hats: 
Braid-Edged Hat by Judy Gibson                                                 Bicycle Wheels by Victoria Clark

Then I decided to make some scarfs since knitting4peace needs those, too. I looked through their patterns and found Fun Scarf
I used Red Heart Kids Multi. It is wildly colored, but this pattern gives such texture to the scarf. I had to go buy some more multi-colored yarn!

I'm now working on Checkerboard Scarf at Ancient Pathways.

Both of these are great auto-pilot patterns. Patterns are easy to memorize.

I'm now way ahead of my goal of 1 donation item per month!!!

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