Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Is Over

       Time has flown and Houston ISD teachers return to school Monday. We will be starting school without a principal, but we all know what to do and will be fine. Most of the office staff has started school without a principal before, so we have it covered.
       I've spent the last 2 weeks getting my new classroom together. I had to move 2 times because of a last minute grade change but it's ok with me because I'm now back in 1st grade with the same people I was with 3 years ago. They are a great group and I'm VERY happy. We get along well together.
       We got a downpour of rain yesterday. I had to use an umbrella and got my shoes wet!! Was a little relief!

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  1. Gee SIS it sure went fast. Hope you get a great class of great kids.