Monday, June 13, 2011


        TEDxHouston is an independent TED event. If you are interested in hearing new ideas on every subject you can imagine go to TED and find a video. They are only 18 min, long and well worth your time.
      On Saturday, there was an event independently produced by a group of people in Houston. I heard about 17 different speeches on topics ranging from the creation of audio walking tours in Houston to nano technology to a discussion of why people are involved in service.
      In about a month, these talks will be on line and I will tell you about some that I enjoyed and link to them. Actually, there was only one that was not well presented and too much info for me to understand well.
      Two of the talks are on TED right now. They are both worth your time. One is called "Wearing Nothing New" by Jessi Arrington, all about having fun with clothing and being conscious of her consumption of earth's resources.
       The second is called "Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs." She is an athlete, actress, and runway model whose legs below her knees where amputated when she was a baby. Very inspiring.

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