Monday, June 27, 2011

2011-2012 school year begins

       I went to my first workshop for the new school year today and I'M SO GLAD. I went to a reading workshop for a 1st grade teacher. That means I'M A FIRST GRADE TEACHER!!!
      As you can tell, I'm really excited. Leaving 3rd grade and continuous teaching of the TAKS is the best thing that's happened in a long time. I am, also, returning to my good friends who stayed in first grade. I will be moving to a new room in another part of the building and I am REALLY looking forward to it.
     This should be a good year. I can be a real teacher and teach kids to read and love to learn and sing and create and enjoy school. It should be a joy to learn.

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  1. SIS, I am so happy for you. You deserve it!