Saturday, May 22, 2010

Will Grayson Ever Come?

     Daniel and Leslie were at the hospital this morning at 7 AM to have the baby induced. Both sets of Grandparents arrived around noon. We have been waiting all day. Leslie would let different ones of us come visit, but mostly we stayed in the lobby and got updates through text messages from Daniel. Technology is great.
      Around 10 PM the doctor became concerned and decided to give the baby one more hour and if he hadn't started to move, there would be a c-section performed. Around midnight it was decided to have the surgery, which began around 1 AM.
      We can see Leslie's room across the atrium from the lobby area. When we realized we could see the room, Rich commented that it seemed we were waiting for the white smoke to rise to let us know the new pope had been chosen. lol  When Daniel figured out he could see us, I got a pic of him. (Anything to keep us all entertained.) This was from my iphone. I'll have a better one later from my digital camera.

      Rich and Opa (Leslie's dad) have been reading. Oma (Leslie's mom) has been playing on her computer and I have been crocheting and knitting. I'm making a crocheted bag with left overs. The pattern is on Attic 24  I also started a chemo hat for Oma. (That's grandma in German.) She's having a bone marrow transplant next week and will be having 6 days of chemo before the procedure.

    Here's a picture of the mommy to be:

More to follow---

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