Thursday, December 31, 2009

Use it Up - Wear it Out - Make it Do!

I have noticed there has been talk lately about how people saved, re-used or wore out all they had back in the 30's and 40's. Since we are in the midst of economic hard times and the 'go green' movement, people are interested in how to save money and help the environment.

On That Quilt Show website, there is an article about "The Art of Sashiko" a type of Japanese needlework and how that is related to being frugal with our resources.

Brenda Dayne of the  Cast On  podcast presented a series on the topic Make Do and Mend. They are Episodes 78-85 The ideas for these podcasts are based on a series of pamplets called "Make Do and Mend" published by Ministry of Information in Great Britain in 1943 during the time of war and scarcity. The information is interesting and worth a listen.

You may want to search for ways YOU can help.

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