Monday, August 10, 2009

We Interrupt this Program ---

What a weekend! I spent 4 hours Friday having Dell get rid of a virus on my computer. Then I couldn't get on google or gmail or blogspot. I worked long hours trying to fix it. Saturday, I called Dell again and had a guy try to figure out the problem. He tried hard but the 2nd time we got disconnected, he didn't call back. Sunday I work again to fix the problem, but NO GO.

Sunday, I tried a system restore which wouldn't work. I guess they got rid of my restore points in the cleaning process. Then I called Dell again and ask about a PC restore, so I wiped my computer clean, but had to call Dell AGAIN to figure out how to get off a black screen with some code on it.

Finally, almost all the software is back on the computer and I'm trying to set all my settings and getting used to Version 8 of Internet Explorer.

At least I can get on google and all the correct icons are on my window.

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