Sunday, July 26, 2009

Which Car?

We need a new car so that Rich's trip to Clear Lake does not eat so much gas. Also, the Camry is 12 years old and will not last much longer. Rich wants a car that will get good mileage, but be fun to drive. We test drove the Insight, Mini Cooper, Honda Civic Hybrid, and the Jetta TDI (diesel). He's going to try the Prius, too. So far the Jetta is his 1st choice.

I have been working on the border of my Halloween Crooked Cabin and knitting on a shrug for a friend. I am using some really cool thread by Schaefer Yarn. It is thick and then with nubs and slubs and is called, Nancy. The sample in the store was beautiful.

It's been a lazy kind of day and now it's raining. we have had a great couple of weeks and the plants are all green and happy.

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